Tech Talk Schedule

Time Tech Talk Where
Monday, September 2
5:30pm Web Apps 101 (Geoff) Wu and Chen
6:30pm JavaScript/jQuery (Comcast) Wu and Chen
Tuesday, September 3
7:15pm Breaking Mobile Design Conventions (Venmo) Berger
7:30pm Intro to Windows Azure Mobile Services (Microsoft) Wu and Chen
Wednesday, September 4
6pm Android (Comcast) Towne 100
6pm Node.js: Why and How? (Tokbox) Berger
7:30pm Hardware Hacking (Tim Bieniosek) Wu and Chen
8pm Web Scraping 101 (Curalate) Towne 100
Thursday, September 5
6pm Facebook API (Facebook) Towne 100
6pm Machine Learning and Incentive Analysis (Bloomberg) Wu and Chen
7pm Google App Engine (Google) Berger
7:30pm Django (ShopYourWay) Wu and Chen
8pm Frontend (Jeremy Cimafonte) Berger
9pm How Design Constraints Encourage Creativity (Jawbone) Berger
Friday, September 6
1pm Meteor/Shapeways Wu and Chen
9pm Beginning Front-End (HTML/CSS) (WiCS) Towne 337
9pm Intro to JS - Front-End Talk (WiCS) Wu and Chen
10:00pm AWS Tools to Build Your Minimum Viable Product Berger
10:30pm Intro to Backend (WiCS) Wu and Chen
10:30pm Intro to Mobile (WiCS) Towne 337
Saturday, September 7
12:45am Intro to APIs (WiCS) Wu and Chen
12:45am Flask Office Hours (WiCS) Towne 337
11am Using Git (WiCS) Wu and Chen
11:30am Office Hours (WiCS) Wu and Chen Lobby
4pm Office Hours/Debugging Talk (WiCS) Towne 337
Sunday, September 8
8am Deploying your hacks (WiCS) Wu and Chen

Event Schedule

Time PennApps Events Where
Friday, September 6
4pm-6pm Registration (food by Facebook) Irvine Auditorium
6pm Kickoff Irvine Auditorium
8pm Hacking begins Engineering/Van Pelt
8pm Dinner (Pattaya) Engineering/Van Pelt
8pm 50onRed Lounge opens Towne 319
Saturday, September 7
12am Caffeine Muffins Engineering/Van Pelt
2am Midnight Run (DP Dough) TBD
7am Hot Breakfast Engineering/Van Pelt
9am Fruit Table TBD
12pm Lunch (Brother's Green Cheesesteaks) by SendGrid Engineering/Van Pelt
1pm Massages TBD
3pm Bubble Tea by Versal TBD
6pm Dinner (Boston Market) Engineering/Van Pelt
8pm Quizzo Wu and Chen
9pm Desi Chaat House (Chaat, Laasi, Samosas) Engineering/Van Pelt
Sunday, September 8
12am Insomnia Cookies Sponsored by Apple TBD
7am Breakfast Engineering/Van Pelt
10am Hacking ends Palestra
10am-11am First Round Expo Setup Palestra
11am Lunch (Dibruno Sandwiches) Palestra
11am-1pm First Round Expo Palestra
2pm-4pm Final Demos Irvine Auditorium