Participants must be full-time or part-time University students, except where permission is explicitly given. Participation is closed to immediate family of contest judges and any individual actively employed by a sponsoring company at the time of the competition.
Teams must consist of between one and four participants. Teams must submit a list of members by 11:59PM on Friday, September 6th, and all modifications to team composition must be verified by PennApps organizers.
Each team is permitted one submission that must be received by 10AM on Sunday, September 8th. All code must have been produced solely by team members, working on-site, after 8:00PM on Friday, September 6th (you can use libraries/frameworks available to everyone).. By submitting a project, you and your team grant the PennApps team and organizers the unrestricted right to use your submission material, at no cost, for promotional purposes of future PennApps events.
Demos take place in two rounds. Teams will be placed in one of three groups for the first round. The top five teams in each room, as well as the next top five highest scoring teams overall, will constitute the twenty teams in the second round. First round demos will be two minutes of presentation. Second round demos will consist of three minutes of presentation and then two minutes of Q&A.
Judging will be based on four criteria: creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness, each scored on an 11 point scale. Penalties may be assessed for going over the allotted demo time.
Sponsor prize showcase
Since not all teams eligible for a sponsor prize will present in the final round, some sponsors may choose to have teams demo during the prize showcase. Teams competing for sponsor prizes may be asked to privately demo for those sponsors whose prizes they are competing for, between 9AM and 11AM on Sunday, September 8th. (Alternatively, some sponsors may choose to just pick a prize winner from the top 20, and some may come up with their own solution)
Winners for the 1st through 3rd place prizes as well as the "Dude, They Totally Should Have Won" prize will be selected from the twenty teams in the second round of demos. Winners for the other prizes may or may not come from the full pool at the discretion of the parties giving the prizes and by means of the sponsor prize showcase.
All prizes are subject to University policies regarding cash and cash-equivalent prizes, including taxation where applicable.